Dear Partner,

I hope this letter finds you in peace and safety.

As the COVID-19 pandemic ravages, the world is uneasy and in panic. Because of God 's exceptional grace and mercy, compared with many countries, Taiwan's epidemic prevention has been well received by all countries in the world. But the United States, Italy, Spain and other European countries have suffered terribly. The White House of the United States has officially announced that the number of deaths from epidemic infections in the United States may exceed 100,000 (equivalent to the number of deaths from the Korean War and Vietnam War in the United States); Italy officially announced that due to giving priority to rescuing young people, they will not provide respirators to those diagnosed patients above 60 years old. Looking at these statistics, we are painfully sad. Hence, what can Taiwan's churches do at this moment, we ask?

In the Bible, when Canaan suffers famine, Isaac takes refuge in Kiral. Although he sows in the barren year, he has a hundredfold harvest that year, just because God blesses him! Taiwan's churches should also sow in the famine years, and let God bless the nations through the churches of Taiwan. When people are panic-stricken, Taiwan's churches can declare "Love Never Fails" through actions practically. Let us respond to global fears and panic with "Love Never Fails-Sowing in the Wild, Blessing the Nations"!

At present, the three most severely affected countries are the United States, Italy, and Spain, and they report a huge lack of masks, medical gloves, goggles, and body bags ... Although all wealthy countries, they are on the verge of collapse due to a sudden increase in demand. Therefore, on the eve of Good Friday, we launched the action "Love Never Fails: Sowing the Seeds of the Famine Years and Blessing the Nations", hoping to support the COVID-19 hard-hit and resource-stricken countries by immediately purchasing and sending over epidemic prevention medical supplies.

"Body bag"? Maybe you will ask: "Is that a mistake?" Yes, there is a need for body bags! The U.S. Department of Defense announced that at least 100,000 body bags will be needed in response to this outbreak. In Chinese traditional culture, the four common good deeds for the community are building bridges, paving roads, helping the poor, and offering coffins. Donating body bags is an act of offering coffins. As for Good Friday, the traditional commemorative actions may be receiving the sacrament, washing feet, preaching the seven last words from the cross, and meditating on Jesus' road of suffering ... But this year we can do an untraditional action: donating body bags! If Joseph of Arimathea, who placed a tomb for Jesus, and Nicodemus, were here in our situation, I believe they would donate body bags.

"Love never fails: sowing seeds in a famine year and blessing the nations". The first stage of our fundraising goal is ten million NT dollars, which will be donated to, in order of priority, the United States, Italy, Spain and other countries with resource shortages. After the goal of raising ten million NT dollars is achieved, we will look at the need due to the pandemic and decide if we will continue to support other nations.

We hope to encourage all churches, Christians, and the general public to participate in this "Falling Years and Sowing Seeds" action. If there are 200 hundred churches joining this fund-raising action, and each church offers 30,000 dollars; and if there are 2,000 people donating for this request, and each one contributes 2,000 dollars, then the goal of the first stage, the 10 million dollars will be achieved soon.

"Love Never Fails", let us take action!

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